About Cindy

I am a multimedia artist who loves to paint!  I have been known to paint all things, including walls, furniture, purses, and clothing. My passion though is working on Canvas with a brush or throwing paint to create something one of a kind.

I have always loved being creative and spent my school years with a pencil in hand. For me though, finding my love of paint and canvas came as a surprise just a few short years ago in 2017 in my mid-forties. I took a trip that would forever change my life.

After years of focusing on my family of four, I took a chance and booked a trip to Italy to attend a Tuscan Woman’s retreat at entrepreneur-Debbie Travis's Tuscan Villa. I would be going on my own, spending time with 18 strangers, Debbie and her team, in a country that I had never been in or knew the language - yet it was a dream of mine and I knew I was meant to go.

At the retreat I was pampered,
explored Etruscan sites, visited all sorts of churches and local farms and was surrounded with creative inspiration. Within quiet contemplation moments, I began to realize that I was missing something for me. Something artistic that could give me an outlet for day-to-day life and the dynamic world I was in. After that week, I knew I had to come home and continue my journey to reactivate my creative

Since then, painting has become my escape and joyful place. With Covid affecting so much over the past few years, having an outlet on canvas
that represents my thoughts and feelings is amazing…but to have others also see
beauty or expression in my creations brings me so much unexpected joy. Now I
create with intention and purpose, inspired by moments and pictures, using
stone, precious gems, colours, sand and even measurements to create a personal
piece of art that evokes emotions for my customers every time they see my
creation in their environment.

To be able to do what I love as a self-taught artist is a privilege.
Having others see value in what I create is a bonus that I hold dear to my
heart. I know that I would create art even if I never sold anything ever again
but finding out that what I love doing makes others happy, is priceless.